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Safe Moon

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Every day, in my head
I'm on the Safe Moon
Safe Moon in the sky
I was low, but now I'm high
Under a number bloom
My oh my oh my
Every hour, I spend in flower
Here on the Safe Moon
Luminous and clear
Every motion, fluctuation
Of the Safe Moon
Watch me disappear

Dreams come to me when I'm sleeping
They move me, in the midnight, in the dark
But I could smell the disipations of Ethereum
Like I can feel the sweet caress of the Iridium

Yesterday I, put it all
Onto Safe Moon
Safe Moon in the sky
It's gonna lift
It might fly
I could be gone soon
Catch me by and by
In the east, in the morning, in the free domain
Surfing in the sand
Out of orbit, out of the cold
Up, by fifty grand

Dreams come to me wenn ich schlafen
Cobalt from the congo
Shrouding me in red
I've been driving, I've been drinking up Delerium
Me and the shadow in the shower
Scrubbing uranium

Every day, every moment
Here on the Safe Moon
Safe Moon all the way
And tomorrow, and tomorrow
Here on the Safe Moon

Thrusters engaged

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